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CBD Merchant Accounts 

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·   US Domestic direct MID's

·   WE accept Legal CBD products  

·   Merchant issued their own descriptor

·   Discount Rate of 6.95-7.95%

·   Transaction Rate $0.35

·   Payments : 72 hours paid daily

·   5% Rolling Reserve for 90 days

·   Chargebacks rate of $25

·   $25 Gateway fee for NMI or Authorize.net

·   Major credit cards accepted Visa/MC/Amex

·   No Application Fee

·   No Monthly Minimum's 

·   No Early Termination Fee'


What Does the Industry Say about  SeawardPay 


"I'm able to sell it because of Antony! Thanks buddy!," Roxanne Benton on Facebook

"I couldn't have completed it without you Antony!!!"

Frank LeatherBury on Facebook

"I wanted to personally thank you again for helping me out. I wish there were more people like you in this world.


I know we didn't know each other in depth from the beginning but I remember you telling me that your basically vouching for me to get me set up with this account.


That means a lot and you were completely transparent from the start.


Thanks a million and let's stay in touch,"

Anthony Dill, on email

"SeawardPay simplified the complicated process of getting properly set up to accept credit cards for CBD.

Having an advocate makes a huge difference" 


Toby S on email

"It was a pleasure working with Tony and he got the job done. - Jared"

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