Securing your business continuity requires on-boarding scrutinty. High Risk Merchants must provide additional information  and documents. This insures high quality processing for many many years. 

Once we have a complete package SeawardPay Pre-Underwrites to ensure we submit impeccable documents. This process take 3-5 days. Final results in 3  weeks.

KYC Documents Know Your Customer.

1. Proof of Citizenship

Valid Drivers License or Government Issued Identification in color

2. Deposit Verification - Only Depositing to US Banks

Voided Check or  signed Bank letter

3. Ability to finance a business

3-6 months of either or both personal  and business bank statements.

4. Payment History

3-6 Months of of all processing statements.  If new business refer 3rd KYC documents.


5. Proof of Residence

Copy of current Utility Bill with your name, if no utility your name must be associated with the residential services. Please clarify if you don't have this required document.

6. Proof of business ownership

Copy of Articles of Incorporation, If Sole Prop, must provide EIN. 

7. Proof of URL ownership



Absolutely no images, photos unless photo ID, owner name must be on all documents. You will be applying to nontraditional payment gateways designed from the ground up for High Risk Payment Processing. Our gateways scrutinize our applications.   We have 100% approval rate with qualified Merchants, Cannot give you a "rate" you will have to go through underwriting.