Low Cost Credit Card Processing

Low Cost Credit Card Processing


All Processors are in US


Low Risk Merchant Accounts. We really guide and coach you through the complete process until you acquire the number of Low RiskAccounts you desire.

Startups are easy here. We have a tight process Qualified Startups that includes, Card Brand Compliance. We do not submit until its perfect assuring results. Startups please make sure you are not charged any Gateway Fees and ask about conversion rates!!

What sets us apart is our consulting. We are the Best at What We Do. We manage a Forum of 400+ our own Merchants and Startups. We assist in the Major Card Brands and any required compliance. We coach you on what not to say to a processor, with Low Cost Merchant Accounts Processors are looking to decline you not approve you. We show you the insider Legaleze information to get your site compliant and approved for Technical Support . We have 4 processors that provision Low Cost Merchant Accounts of which one is an exclusive to Seawardpay. We have dozens of references.    We have Domestic and International High/lLow Risk Merchant Accounts. Once you become our client we will be on staff off payroll assisting your business with all your epayment needs along with your distribution channels.  Once we complete our consulting you can take your website and new knowledge and apply almost anywhere confidently.  


We know you have heard it all, only to process for 1-3 months then get shut down. We heard the promises. You have landed at a safe place. Our customer experience 100% longer processing than our competitors due to stringent Compliance guidelines.  In Merchant Accounts Do Not Be Frugal it Shows everywhere including sales. 


Customary Features

- No Aggregating

- Your Own Descriptor

**Rates as Low as 4.95%-6.45% including gateway fees.

- 180  day 10% Day Rolling Reserves
- Correct MCC Codes Clearly Disclosed to Bank and Processor
- **Daily/Funding Settlements

- The bank fees are deducted from Processing .

** Depending Monthly Volume, Underwriting


If You Aren't Doing Compliance

Your Business Will Eventually Be Found

Compliance Is Not a One Time Event


What Does the Industry Say about How SeawardPay Consults on Nutraceuticals Merchant Accounts


"I'm able to sell it because of Antony! Thanks buddy!," Roxanne Benton on Facebook

"I couldn't have completed it without you Antony!!!"

Frank LeatherBury on Facebook

"I wanted to personally thank you again for helping me out. I wish there were more people like you in this world.


I know we didn't know each other in depth from the beginning but I remember you telling me that your basically vouching for me to get me set up with this account.


That means a lot and you were completely transparent from the start.


Thanks a million and let's stay in touch,"

Anthony Dill, on email

"SeawardPay simplified the complicated process of getting properly set up to accept credit cards for CBD.

Having an advocate makes a huge difference" 


Toby S on email

"It was a pleasure working with Tony and he got the job done. - Jared"

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