Domestic Features

No Gateway Fees

Recurring and Subscriptions


99.9% Conversion Rate

Increase Sales upto 25%

Smart Epayment Routing.

Card Conversion or approval percent is the number of transactions that are successful. This figure is important to know. Generally speaking you will get lower conversions with solutions that involve offshore, nearshore or next door banks. Our Domestic banks will increase your conversions 17%-25%, this represents an increase in sales. Our solution intelligently routes transactions to banks to ensure high sales.

Bundled Solutions Saves Even More

When speaking of CBD Merchant Accounts Fees, it is a weak point for the Merchant and Processor. Fees conversations are necessary. We have made it a breeze by bundling them togyether into the rate so there are never any surprises not even gateway fees!! further saving revenue.

Recurring or Subscription Services Globally.

Our experience in talking with our merchant we learned recurring services can ensure fixed revenues.  You will be able to test different models including trial periods and time-based offers to adapt your offer to fast evolving markets. Sit back and watch your sales roll in. Predictive selling!

Virtual Terminal - Like a Point of Sale in Your Phone.

Virtual Terminal is a payment processing solution that allows you, the merchant, to place orders for your shoppers. This is ideal for any merchant that needs the capability to take manual orders. The Virtual Terminal gives merchants a secure hosted payment page in which to place an order for card or ACH transactions. Take hemp sales over the phone, in person  anywhere! 


More than a decade of developing industry-leading fraud prevention services that help online merchants boost sales and reduce losses associated with fraud. They reviews billions of transactions and protects some of the world’s best-known brands. Ask to see how they can increase sales for you.